Jim Read

Muckton O gauge 7mm scale micro model railway layout.



I was at a loss for a name and Eileen came home from her allotment one day and said why don't you call it Muckton, she'd been spreading it that day. I looked on the map and found there was such a place to the south of Louth. At the end of WW1 there were 38 airfields scattered about Lincolnshire they must have had some oddball establishments, Muckton being one of them.

The idea for this is similar to Moxley but with the addition of a reverse siding which makes the shunting even more complex having to get to both ends of stock on the traverser roads. I also designed and made a single slip which gives me a lot of moves in a very small space. What I like most about these micro layouts is achieving reliable slow running using scratchbuilt locos and a homemade controller. The satisfaction resulting from the hours of work is immense.

Track plan

This is the reverse way round to Moxley and incorporates a single slip.

The layout is set in an old WW1 War Dept yard now taken over as a sort of industrial estate.

It's all rather run down with the competition from road transport. The Y7 loco is made from card including the chassis.

Behind the loco is the remains of the forces school of concrete moulding attended by budding sculptor Harboro Bepworth, in fact one of his linear efforts can be seen just outside.