Jim Read

Exhibitions I have attended and future diary.


2010 - 2013 Moxley as an 8ft layout on two boards, I gave this to the Ilkeston MR club and started to make Moxley as a micro layout

Ilkeston in February
Goole in March
Selby in August
Romiley in September
All with Moxley and I began work on Muckton earlier in the year.

Ilkeston in February - Demonstration, wagons from card, loco chassis from card, make your own controller
Goole in March - Muckton
Nottingham in March - Muckton in Cardboard Corner with John Fownes
Peterborough in June - Muckton
Hitchen in August - Moxley
Romiley in September - Muckton
Sheffield in October - Muckton
Weston on Trent in November - Maltby just the working track on a bare board

Ilkeston in February - Muckton
Goole in March - Moxley
Llandrinio in July - Muckton
Selby in August - Moxley
Peterborough in September - Moxley
Birmingham in October - Moxley
Weston on Trent on 12th November - Moxley

Ilkeston on the 26th February - Maltby
Wombourne on the 11th March - Moxley
Hitchin on the 29th April - Muckton GOG meet and show
Warley open day on the 14th May - Maltby
Sleaford on the 3rd June - Muckton
Llandrinio on 2nd July - Moxley
Selby on 2nd September - Maltby
Sheffield on the 7th  October - Moxley
Weston on Trent on the 11th November - Maltby

Ilkeston on the 25th February - Moxley
Wombourne on the 10th March - Muckton
Sleaford on the 2nd June - Muckton
Llandrinio in July - Maltby
Sheffield on the 6th October - Muckton

Hitchen in April (provisional date) - Maltby